A Sneak Peak at The Silence Between Us!

Hello you fabulous readers,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer reads and soaking up the sun before autumn hits!

I have an exciting treat to share with you all…the first two chapters of The Silence Between Us!

This Own Voices novel is something I CANNOT wait for you all to read – and because I might be a wee bit impatient! – I’m throwing up the first two chapters for you all to take a sneak peak at.

So, please, click on the link below, and enjoy!

And if you’re so inclined afterward, click on one of the links below to pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us now!


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Don’t forget to send in pics for your pre-order receipts to alisonauthorgervais@gmail.com to take advantage of our awesome pre-order incentives: an exclusive downloadable poster, and a behind-the-scenes video where I talk about what went in to creating The Silence Between Us! August 13, release day, will be here before we know it, so make sure to send in your receipts before then!

And as always – happy reading!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

The Silence Between Us and a Pretty Awesome Pre-Order Campaign!

Hello, you lovely readers!

I’m a bit late to the game here, I know – turns out keeping busy with work, writing, and a surprise pregnancy can really take a lot out of you!

But I’m here to share with you all some pretty darn awesome incentives when you pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us and send a pic of your receipt to: authoralisongervais.com@gmail.com

Like….this fabulous exclusive downloadable poster!

Seriously, how beautiful is this poster?! Still can’t get enough of it.

Also available to those who send in their pre-order receipts is a behind-the-scenes video about The Silence Between Us where I talk about just what went into creating the story and much more!

It’s a lot of fun, folks, and I promise you won’t want to miss it. So send in those pre-order receipts to take advantage of these awesome incentives!

And with some more exciting news…we are now less than a month out from the release of The Silence Between Us and I can hardly believe it! I started this project back in 2017, and it’s come along way since the very first rough draft.

I’m so unbelievably excited and nervous to share this Own Voices story with you all, but I think it’s about darn time! I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever poured this much of myself into my writing before, so this project has become something very near and dear to my heart.

I really hope all you readers enjoy it!

So click on one of the links below to pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us now and send in pics of those receipts by August 12 to get those pre-order incentives.


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Lots of love,

Alison <3

PS – The Silence Between Us will also be available as an audiobook, which you can pre-order too if you’d like!