Pre-Order Bonus Chapter is Ready!

Hello you lovely readers,

The wait is finally over!

If you’ve already pre-ordered IN 27 DAYS and took a pic of your confirmation page or receipt, email that on over to:

to receive your BONUS CHAPTER and discussion questions!

If you haven’t pre-ordered IN 27 DAYS yet, click on the “Books!” tab here on my website to find the vendor of your choice, pre-order that beauty, and send the pic of your confirmation page or receipt to the email address listed above for your bonus chapter! Now you only have until JULY 24 to send in your info to receive the bonus chapter, so make sure you make that pre-order soon!

And here’s a hint for you about that bonus chapter…

Throughout IN 27 DAYS you’ll find that there are a number of possible realities in our world…

What if Hadley and Archer met under different circumstances, and what exactly does Archer think of Hadley when he sees her for the first time in years?

Go make your pre-order and get that bonus chapter to find out!

Happy reading!


Lots of love,


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