About Me!

megan's photo of me!

Well, hi there!

Here’s just a few basic things about me:

22. Graduated in May 2017 from university with BA in Creative Writing. First began writing at age four, where debut story was about a frog king and his loyal servants. Joined the fabulous writer’s site Wattpad in 2011. First novel, IN 27 DAYS NOW PUBLISHED via Blink/HarperCollins. Currently repp’ed by the fantastic Shannon Hassan at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Fun Facts!:

  • favorite books: Harry Potter series, Stephanie Plum series, The Firebird series, Shades of London series, Perfect Chemistry series…basically a lot of series.
  • favorite place in the world: Ouray, CO
  • favorite vacation: London, UK 2015
  • favorite tv show: Supernatural
  • favorite superhero: Captain America
  • person I admire most: my mother!
  • what I do when confronted by writer’s block: go for a walk! Fresh air does wonders.
  • must have when writing: Netflix. Seriously. Background noise is helpful.