Back At It

Hello, lovely readers!

It’s been two years since my last post here and wow, how things have changed! Not only did I welcome my second daughter in September 2022, I relocated back to Colorado and am once again working with the disability community! Perhaps most importantly though…

…. I have a third book being published! It’s been fabulous working with the team at Blink YA again to get ready to share A Game Most Foul with you all, which is set to be released June 18, 2024.

You’ll definitely want to stay tuned over the next few months… needless to say, this is going to be one wild adventure!

From award-winning YA author Alison Gervais comes a contemporary mystery about a teen writer determined to discover what happened to a missing classmate, who finds herself caught up with a pair of very familiar detectives named Watson and Holmes. All her awakening powers of observation will be put to the test as she finds that the thing she thought was holding her back just might be her greatest strength.

Attending the prestigious Ashford College’s writing seminar is a dream come true for Jules Montgomery, but the summer isn’t unfolding as she hoped. Navigating London with her recent hearing loss is difficult, and hiding it from her classmates is a challenge. Even worse, she can’t seem to shake a case of writer’s block. When a fellow student goes missing, neither the police nor their teacher, Professor Watson, seem that concerned. Jules and her new friends Percy and Suruthi are determined to get to the bottom of the case and they’re not alone: the strange man who frequents Jules’ aunt’s antique shop is eager to help—and his name is none other than Sherlock Holmes.

Now there are two mysteries to solve. What happened to their missing classmate? And how can it be that Watson and Holmes—two fictional characters from the Victorian era—are alive and well in the 21st century? The only way to find answers might lie in a quote from one of Watson’s old stories: “You see, but you do not observe.” Jules may not be able to hear all that well, but without her hearing aids, she can certainly see more than the average person. And nothing about this is case is average.

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A Long Overdue Update!

Hello there, lovely readers!

Firstly, I hope you all are doing well and staying safe during these uncertain times.

Secondly, I’d like to apologize for my almost two-year absence! What a wild two years it’s been, full of plenty of changes and unexpected adventures.

The family and I relocated to the East coast in September of 2020, and it’s been quite the experience getting adjusted. I now have a two-year who has certainly been keeping us on our toes, and I recently started work in the Independent Living field again. It’s been such a joy getting involved with the disability community after a long break, and I’m excited to see where I’m headed on this new journey.

In terms of writing and/or any new projects…well, that’s been a little tough these days. Finding time to write while working 40 hours a week and taking care of a toddler with remarkable climbing skills doesn’t leave much free time for writing. It’s definitely not for lack of trying, so stay tuned for updates in the future.

One question I’ve been seeing a lot lately that I would like to address is…will there still be a TV series for In 27 Days? Well, I’m very happy to announce that yes, the TV series is still in the works! Unfortunately the pandemic has slowed the process down considerably, but the amazing folks at Fezziwig are still hard at work, and I hope to have an update to share with you all soon. Definitely stay tuned there!

I’m also very excited to share that the paperback edition of my second novel, The Silence Between Us, will be coming to bookstores near you this March 3, 2022!

(Please note the lovely tear in the cover, courtesy of my daughter).

There’s still time to preorder from your favorite retailer today!

Check out the “Books!” tab for links on where you can preorder. A million thanks to my publisher, Blink, my amazing literary agent Shannon, and all my friends, family, and you amazing readers who’ve helped make this happen!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for hanging in there. Best wishes, and until next time…

Lots of love,


An Interview with the Pueblo West Library!

Hello all you lovely readers!

I hope you and yours are staying safe and as comfortable as possible during these uncertain times!

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you all a remote interview I was able to do with the amazing Rachel Salazar from the Pueblo West Library this past Monday. We chatted about The Silence Between Us, a bit about In 27 Days, and my wacky writing process.

Take a look!

Interview with the Pueblo West Library

Enjoy, and stay safe out there!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

A Busy New Year & Some Exciting News!

Hello, all you lovely readers!

I hope the New Year has been kind and pleasant so far with plenty of new books to dive into.

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you all some unbelievably awesome news…

The Silence Between Us was just announced as the 2020 Schneider Family Teen Honor Book!

I am still in awe over here, and so lucky to have gotten this far! I want to say thanks a million to everyone who helped make this possible, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

If you’d like to check out the other amazing authors who won or were honored with the Schneider Family Book Award – and I highly recommend you should! – take a look below:


Winner: Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You  Sonia Sotomayor & Rafael Lopez

Honor Book: A Friend for Henry – Jenn Bailey & Mika Song

Middle Grade

Winner: Song for a Whale – Lynne Kelly

Honor Book: Each Tiny Spark – Pablo Cartaya

Young Adult

Winner: Cursed  – Karol Ruth Silverstein

So have fun reading, everyone!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

The Silence Between Us – one of NPR’s Favorite Books of 2019!

Hello, you fabulous readers!

I hope this holiday season is going swimmingly for you all. I know it’s been pretty hectic for me!

I just wanted to take a moment to share something pretty exciting – The Silence Between Us has been chosen as one of NPR’s Favorite Books of 2019!

Check the article below –

NPR’s Favorite Books of 2019

Thanks a million, NPR!

Happy reading, everyone!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

A Giveaway for The Silence Between Us!

Hello, you lovely readers!

I’ve got some exciting news here – a giveaway for The Silence Between Us has arrived!

With this amazing giveaway, you’ll have the choice to enter in to win a copy of The Silence Between Us in either audiobook format –


hardback format –

Both prizes also include a fabulous bookmark, as well as an exclusive promotional poster!

This giveaway kicks off at 12 am on Wednesday, October 23, and will run for two weeks, ending at 12 am on Wednesday, November 6.

Entry for this contest is super easy too. All you have to do is make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@alisonauthorgervais) AND Twitter (@Ally_Gervais) and that’s it!

(And though it’s certainly not required, leaving a quick review on Amazon helps too! :D)

To enter, simply click on the link below:

The Silence Between Us Giveaway!

So make sure you set your alarms so you can enter on time and tell your friends all about it too!

I can’t wait to announce the winners!

Until next time –

Lots of love,

Alison <3

(Please note that at this time, the giveaway is open to US & Canada only – so sorry!)

Now That Some Time Has Passed…. Waving Hands & The Silence Between Us!

Hello, you lovely readers!

It’s hard to believe that The Silence Between Us has been out in the world for almost two months now – and what an unbelievable experience this has been!

And thank you so much to you all for your support and encouragement….I don’t think I would’ve made it this far without you!

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, head on over to your favorite retailer to grab the book today! Did I mention it’s also available in audiobook format too?

I’d also like to take a moment to give a special shout out to the lovely people over at the Waving Hands organization in South Florida, who personally reached out to me after having read The Silence Between Us. 😀

They are a fabulous organization with the amazing mission of providing, “services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and their families with skills in community involvement, entertainment, education and advocacy, for the purpose of furthering and maintaining a quality of life that is conductive to independent and healthy living.” Take a look at this link where you’ll find the best tool for your business to write more professional articles to attract customers.

Having worked in Deaf services myself for two years, I know this is something we absolutely NEED more of. Kudos to Waving Hands for making it happen!

Check out their website for further information by clicking on this link here:

Waving Hands

And if you’d like take a peek at the message I left for the group, check out the link below:

A Special Message

Again, thanks a million to everyone (especially Waving Hands!) and happy reading!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

IT’S HERE! The Silence Between Us Has Arrived!

Hello you fabulous readers,

It’s been 48 hours since The Silence Between Us reached bookstores, and I am still in awe!

This was a story two years in the making, and it’s still a little unbelievable that it’s actually out there in the world now!

So I hope you’re all enjoying the story – I really hope so! – and if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, feel free to order from your favorite retailer by clicking on one of the links below:

Barnes & Noble




Thanks a million, and happy reading!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

A Sneak Peak at The Silence Between Us!

Hello you fabulous readers,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer reads and soaking up the sun before autumn hits!

I have an exciting treat to share with you all…the first two chapters of The Silence Between Us!

This Own Voices novel is something I CANNOT wait for you all to read – and because I might be a wee bit impatient! – I’m throwing up the first two chapters for you all to take a sneak peak at.

So, please, click on the link below, and enjoy!

And if you’re so inclined afterward, click on one of the links below to pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us now!


Barnes & Noble



Don’t forget to send in pics for your pre-order receipts to to take advantage of our awesome pre-order incentives: an exclusive downloadable poster, and a behind-the-scenes video where I talk about what went in to creating The Silence Between Us! August 13, release day, will be here before we know it, so make sure to send in your receipts before then!

And as always – happy reading!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

The Silence Between Us and a Pretty Awesome Pre-Order Campaign!

Hello, you lovely readers!

I’m a bit late to the game here, I know – turns out keeping busy with work, writing, and a surprise pregnancy can really take a lot out of you!

But I’m here to share with you all some pretty darn awesome incentives when you pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us and send a pic of your receipt to:

Like….this fabulous exclusive downloadable poster!

Seriously, how beautiful is this poster?! Still can’t get enough of it.

Also available to those who send in their pre-order receipts is a behind-the-scenes video about The Silence Between Us where I talk about just what went into creating the story and much more!

It’s a lot of fun, folks, and I promise you won’t want to miss it. So send in those pre-order receipts to take advantage of these awesome incentives!

And with some more exciting news…we are now less than a month out from the release of The Silence Between Us and I can hardly believe it! I started this project back in 2017, and it’s come along way since the very first rough draft.

I’m so unbelievably excited and nervous to share this Own Voices story with you all, but I think it’s about darn time! I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever poured this much of myself into my writing before, so this project has become something very near and dear to my heart.

I really hope all you readers enjoy it!

So click on one of the links below to pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us now and send in pics of those receipts by August 12 to get those pre-order incentives.


Barnes & Noble



Lots of love,

Alison <3

PS – The Silence Between Us will also be available as an audiobook, which you can pre-order too if you’d like!