Now That Some Time Has Passed…. Waving Hands & The Silence Between Us!

Hello, you lovely readers!

It’s hard to believe that The Silence Between Us has been out in the world for almost two months now – and what an unbelievable experience this has been!

And thank you so much to you all for your support and encouragement….I don’t think I would’ve made it this far without you!

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, head on over to your favorite retailer to grab the book today! Did I mention it’s also available in audiobook format too?

I’d also like to take a moment to give a special shout out to the lovely people over at the Waving Hands organization in South Florida, who personally reached out to me after having read The Silence Between Us. ūüėÄ

They are a fabulous organization with the amazing mission of providing, “services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and their families with skills in community involvement, entertainment, education and advocacy, for the purpose of furthering and maintaining a quality of life that is conductive to independent and healthy living.” Take a look at this link where you’ll find the best tool for your business to write more professional articles to attract customers.

Having worked in Deaf services myself for two years, I know this is something we absolutely NEED more of. Kudos to Waving Hands for making it happen!

Check out their website for further information by clicking on this link here:

Waving Hands

And if you’d like take a peek at the message I left for the group, check out the link below:

A Special Message

Again, thanks a million to everyone (especially Waving Hands!) and happy reading!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

IT’S HERE! The Silence Between Us Has Arrived!

Hello you fabulous readers,

It’s been 48 hours since The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us reached bookstores, and I am still in awe!

This was a story two years in the making, and it’s still a little unbelievable that it’s actually out there in the world now!

So I hope you’re all enjoying the story – I really hope so! – and if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, feel free to order from your favorite retailer by clicking on one of the links below:

Barnes & Noble




Thanks a million, and happy reading!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

A Sneak Peak at The Silence Between Us!

Hello you fabulous readers,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer reads and soaking up the sun before autumn hits!

I have an exciting treat to share with you all…the first two chapters of The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us!

This Own Voices novel is something I CANNOT wait for you all to read – and because I might be a wee bit impatient! – I’m throwing up the first two chapters for you all to take a sneak peak at.

So, please, click on the link below, and enjoy!

And if you’re so inclined afterward, click on one of the links below to pre-order your copy of The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us now!


Barnes & Noble



Don’t forget to send in pics for your pre-order receipts to to take advantage of our awesome pre-order incentives: an exclusive downloadable poster, and a behind-the-scenes video where I talk about what went in to creating The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us! August 13, release day, will be here before we know it, so make sure to send in your receipts before then!

And as always – happy reading!

Lots of love,

Alison <3

The Silence Between Us and a Pretty Awesome Pre-Order Campaign!

Hello, you lovely readers!

I’m a bit late to the game here, I know – turns out keeping busy with work, writing, and a surprise pregnancy can really take a lot out of you!

But I’m here to share with you all some pretty darn awesome incentives when you pre-order your copy of The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us and send a pic of your receipt to:

Like….this fabulous exclusive downloadable poster!

Seriously, how beautiful is this poster?! Still can’t get enough of it.

Also available to those who send in their pre-order receipts is a behind-the-scenes video about The Silence Between Us where I talk about just what went into creating the story and much more!

It’s a lot of fun, folks, and I promise you won’t want to miss it. So send in those pre-order receipts to take advantage of these awesome incentives!

And with some more exciting news…we are now less than a month out from the release of The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us and I can hardly believe it! I started this project back in 2017, and it’s come along way since the very first rough draft.

I’m so unbelievably excited and nervous to share this Own Voices story with you all, but I think it’s about darn time! I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever poured this much of myself into my writing before, so this project has become something very near and dear to my heart.

I really hope all you readers enjoy it!

So click on one of the links below to pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us now and send in pics of those receipts by August 12 to get those pre-order incentives.


Barnes & Noble



Lots of love,

Alison <3

PS – The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us will also be available as an audiobook, which you can pre-order too if you’d like!

Some Exciting News & Upcoming Events!

Hello, all you fabulous readers!

I hope life is treating you fantastically and that there are plenty of good reads on your bookshelves waiting to be devoured.

But in other news…I’ve got some traveling ahead of me!

Recently I was asked to attend the School Library Journal’s Day of Dialog this coming May 29 and sit on a Young Adult panel with a few other amazing authors! I can hardly believe The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us caught SLJ’s attention, but I’m honored to be able to participate and speak alongside other fabulous authors such as:

Jessica Bennett, This is 18

Thanhha Lai, Butterfly Yellow

Kim Liggett, The Grace Year

Tochi Onyebuchi, War Girls

Feel free to click on the book titles to learn more about these exciting titles, because I promise these are ones you’re going to want to read ASAP!

The YA panel will take place from 1:50 PM to 2:40 PM, and signings will take place later on. I’m so excited for this opportunity I can hardly wait!


I’m also lucky enough to be attending the Book Expo of America on May 30 for a signing for The¬†Silence¬†Between¬†Us!

Please check out my News & Important Events page for more details about these exciting events as they unfold!

Hope to see you all in New York City soon!

Lots of love,


Czech AND Polish editions of IN 27 DAYS!

Hello all you lovely readers!

I am so behind in posting this, so firstly, let me offer my apologies! Life has been throwing me more curveballs than expected lately, and only now am I feeling as if I can breathe normally again.


I am so unbelievably excited to announce that IN 27 DAYS has been translated into Czech and Polish!

It was unbelievable – and still is – that IN 27 DAYS was published in English, but now in Czech and Polish too? I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. Take a look at these cool covers:


And just because it’s so gorgeous, I’m going to throw up the cover for the Spanish edition of IN 27 DAYS too.


So click on my “Books!” page to check out where you can purchase your Polish, Czech, or Spanish editions of IN 27 DAYS! ūüėÄ

Happy reading!

Lots of love,


It’s Finally Here! A giveaway for IN 27 DAYS!

Hello all you lovely readers!

I am so happy to announce now that I’m settling into my new home in California and loving my new job, I’ve finally set up a giveaway for IN 27 DAYS! Yay!

So here’s the short and short of it:

All you have to do is click on this link to Rafflecopter and pick one of two options –

  1. An autographed hardback copy of IN 27 DAYS
  2. An autographed softcover copy of IN 27 DAYS

This giveaway will run for TWO weeks, beginning tomorrow, February 19 at 12 am, until Tuesday, March 5 at 12 am. At this time this giveaway is open to the U.S. only.

All you have to do is enter is make sure you’re following me on Twitter (@Ally_Gervais) OR Instagram (@alisonauthorgervais) to enter, and that’s it!

It doesn’t hurt to comment or retweet any IN 27 DAYS posts either. ūüôā

I’ll be sure to post the two winners on Wednesday, March 6!

Happy entering, you amazing readers!

Lots of love,


ATTENTION! Here’s An Extra Event!

Hello you lovely readers!

Exciting news!

I am so unbelievably fortunate to be participating in a Teen Author Panel with these amazing authors at 6pm on March 11 at Read It Again in Suwanee, GA!

McCall, Christina, and Heather are all fantastic authors, and I can’t wait to share a night of fun talking about our writing, reading, and so much more!

Check out these links down below to get your copy of their books and come get them signed!

McCall Hoyle

Christina June

Heather Maclean

We hope to see you there!

Lots of love,


ATTENTION! Upcoming Events!

Hello you fabulous readers!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to all the bright, amazing things 2019 will bring us.

I’m here with some exciting news for the first few months of the year – I’m going to be attending some fantastic book events here very soon!


In January, I will be attending:

ALA Midwinter

Seattle, WA

Washington State Convention Center

Now this is a conference taking place from January 25 to January 29, but I’ll be attending Saturday, January 26.

More information on what events I’ll be taking place in and when/where signings will be is forthcoming, so stay tuned!


In March, I will be attending:

TomeCon 2019

Gainesville, GA

University of North Georgia, Gainesville Campus

This event takes place on Tuesday, March 12, from 9 am Р5 pm.

More information on when/where events I’ll be participating throughout the day is also forthcoming, so stay tuned!


So if you’re available and you want to come meet me, maybe get your copy of IN 27 DAYS signed or get a sneak peak at THE SILENCE BETWEEN US, come see me in Seattle or Gainesville!

Check out my Books! page here to get your copy of IN 27 DAYS if you haven’t already – the paperback edition is available! – from your favorite retailer, or pre-order your copy of THE SILENCE BETWEEN US, coming to a bookstore near you this August 13!


I think that’s all for now, but check back soon for more information on these fabulous upcoming events!


Lots of love,


It’s Here! The Silence Between Us cover!

Hello, you lovely readers!

I am SO very excited to share with you all the cover for my upcoming novel, The Silence Between Us.

I’m even more excited to share this #OwnVoices novel with you all, which tells the story of a Deaf teen attending a hearing school and figuring out her way in life.

This fantastic cover was created by the superbly talented Deaf artist Nancy Rourke. I am still in raptures at how gorgeous it is!



Please stay tuned as more information for preorders, promotional goodies, etc, becomes available!


Lots of love,